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2024-presentglobal health technology company
2022-2023UK investment management company
2021-2022US bank
2018-2021Swiss bank
2011-present UK adult counselling service
2010-presentUK quiz league
2010-2011UK economic forecasting company
2005-2016UK investment management company
2005UK recruitment agency
2004-2005UK mobile consultancy
2004UK bank
2004US financial switching company
2003-2004US sub-prime mortgage house
2002-2003UK retail clothing company
2002UK IT consultancy
2002UK software consultancy
2002UK health & safety company
2001US telecoms company
2000-2001UK outsourcing company
2000UK law firm
1999-2007UK leisure centre management company
1998-1999US telecoms company
1998UK bank
1997-1998US retail clothing company
1997UK law firm
1996-1997Japanese bank
1996UK mystery shopping company
1996US credit card company
1995-1996UK insurance company

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